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The World Forgetting, The World Forgot

I'm Conrad Dillon Achenleck; a 27 year old Freelance Graphic Designer. I guess I should make use of my time online, so ask me questions I guess.
[[This is an independent ask/cosplay blog that is in no way affiliated with Tessa Stone, in other words I own nothing really. Also, let's pretend that vampires can be seen on camera, it makes everything easier....]]



Did you look up his middle name omg

  1. Everything Is Alright- Motion City Soundtrack 
  2. If I Ever Feel Better- Phoenix
  3. Damn These Vampires- The Mountain Goats
  4. Afraid- The Neighborhood
  5. Sincerely Jane- Janelle Monae
  6. Safe in the Dark- Ludo
  7. What Did I do- The Correspondents  (Sorry its not on youtube)

And it’s 1 am and I can’t think of any more :’o

I was gonna put Mardy Bum, and a Kooks song but they didn’t really fit….. So yea. 


and my favorite vampire im sorry

adelaide i love u 2

x conrad x


jacckskskskksk jacksrabbit hehrere u go

Toni Ipres from Hanna is Not A Boy’s Name.


Worth: "Oy, Snaggle Tooth, go ge' me a bottle o' whisky from the store." Snickers. "I'll make it worth yer while, yah bloody vampire."

Ok Worth, I’ll do it, but not out of kindness. I’m only doing this for some food. Understand?

How did you get beat up by a tiny bat!?


NO! You don’t understand! It—-She—The bat was completely ferocious!!


A-and it wasn’t even a normal bat!!

hey Conrad - I wanted to apologize for everyone harassing you about your sexuality on here because of your clothing style!! It's rather rude to assume that about a person! None the less, where do you get your clothes? Do you actually go to name brand stores or are you a thrift shopper like me? Stay fashionable love - xx

A-ah it’s okay. Really!  I actually do most of my shopping online. Can’t remember any brands or specific stores at the moment though. Sorry!