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The World Forgetting, The World Forgot

I'm Conrad Dillon Achenleck; a "30" year old Freelance Graphic Designer. I guess I should make use of my time online, so ask me questions I guess.
[[This is an independent ask/cosplay blog that is in no way affiliated with Tessa Stone, in other words I own nothing really. Also, let's pretend that vampires can be seen on camera, it makes everything easier....]]


So happy to see some Hinabn cosplay!

are you still active on here?

{{Yes I am…sorta! I just have a lot on my plate with college and such. I reblog related stuff still and will answer in character questions when I have time (asap)! Sorry for the inactivity, though!!! And thank you everyone who has stuck around with me for this long and hopefully into the future for when i am able to upload more frequently!!}}



I was going to colour it but it just looked awful so whatever oh well he’s grey anyway

jasdf more Cas art jfklasd<3



here have an adelaide



i also sketched this the other day since i gave hanna is not a boy’s name another read. 

Do yOu KnoW WHaT happEnS tO A cRaZY man iN SoLiTuDE?

He, uh, gets crazier?

I waS goING to Say ‘DeSpERate’, BUt yourS IS suFFiCIent as WelL.

x ples x

Wow! you ARE a professional, Mr. Cross!

I-I am? OH, YES. I am! 

x toni x

Cases or question for us? GNEE!


I’ve got some down time so I’m taking questions again!! If you have something you’re dying to ask, give me a shout!



Gearing up for Valentines 2014!

No obnoxious puns or cheesy pickup lines this time, for I am not a clever man. Knock yourselves out, put in a good old To/From or love confession or some off-the-wall random flavor like they do with Lays potato chips.

No promises, but I might do more of those over the next two weeks if I get around to it. Any suggestions? Give me four HinaBN names in a quick text reply to this post (preferable) or in a reblog comment, so I get an idea who’s in demand. Names with the most votes are most likely to be picked.